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Collecting sentences / Political / Coyote buddies / Privit tricker

What's our story?

Quality in-house screen printing

We produce and package all our lovely products right here in our homey studio. As we're lucky enough to have a master builder in the Coyote family, we managed to knock together a super high-quality production press from 100% recycled materials. It works a dream!

Using the very best materiels

We don't settle for any cheap and nasty materials at CoyoteShirts. Our shirts look good and they feel awesome! Top line cotton fibres from industry leading wholesalers provide us with the blanks to print our designs and we stick with the guys that love the environment as well.

Speedy delivery the world over

We'd love to personally hand deliver all your orders in our super teleport machine but it's still being built. Until then, we've partnered up with some really awesome courier companies and they get your packages to you as fast as current transportation allows.